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Dark Roast

Origin: Papua New Guinea
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Cocoa
Region: Okapa Valley

Introducing Retro Warrior's Ghost Army Decaf – a dark roast crafted from Swiss Water Process, decaf, Fair-trade, Organic Papua New Guinea Purosa & Okapa Valley beans. This exclusive roast invites you to savor the rich notes of caramel and cocoa, all while embracing the smooth, caffeine-free experience.


Decaf skeptics, we've got you covered. Ghost Army Decaf is meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the flavor without the buzz. Embrace it as an evening drink or for a caffeine-conscious choice any time of day. And for all you caffeine enthusiasts, imagine indulging in a glass of smooth, sweet cold brew without losing any sleep over it – just opt for some coarsely ground Ghost Army Decaf for your French Press or Cold Brew delight!


Now, let's dive into the intriguing backstory of the Ghost Army. During WWII, the unsung heroes of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops and the 3133rd Signal Company Special, known as the Ghost Army, employed inflatable tanks, sound effects, and sheer imagination to deceive the Germans on European battlefields. Their classified efforts saved lives and contributed to the war effort, remaining a secret for fifty years until officially recognized in 2022. The Ghost Army Legacy Project is dedicated to preserving and honoring their courageous legacy.

The inflatable tank featured on the Ghost Army Decaf label is a public domain photo graciously provided by Rick Beyer, producer of The Ghost Army documentary. We aim to shed light on this remarkable story, celebrating the bravery of the Ghost Army soldiers who received long-overdue honors for their heroic efforts. Explore more at or support the Ghost Army Legacy Project.


As for this special Retro Warrior coffee, Ghost Army Decaf is a dark roast designed to amplify the distinct flavors of the beans. Our Swiss Water Process ensures a chemical-free decaffeination process, removing 99.9% of caffeine while preserving the exquisite taste. Brew it your way – Ghost Army Decaf defies the stereotype of average decaf, proving its versatility in various applications.

In the summer months, enjoy a smooth, cold drink by using coarsely ground Ghost Army Decaf for French Press or Cold Brew. We recommend Alto Cold Brew filters for a perfect brewing experience. As Cold Brew, these Papua New Guinea beans shine, delivering a smooth and sweet taste without the need for additives. Brew it up and share your thoughts – we want to know what you think!

Ghost Army Decaf is not just a coffee; it's a tribute to unsung heroes and a flavorful journey crafted to honor the legacy of the Ghost Army. Experience the essence of courage and flavor with every sip.

Download/Rent The Ghost Army Documentary:   iTunes   Amazon   Netflix 

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