Our Back Story

Hi! My name is Lisa Johansen, and this is our family. We love coffee, our country and our communities that make this nation great!

Our story starts a bit further back though, along with the founding fathers of our nation. As family history recounts, our distant relatives in fact had a little something to do with a bunch of tea "finding its way" into the Boston Harbor.

So, we apologize in advance to our fellow tea lovers... but unless it's a "Boston Harbor Special", we just can't bring ourselves to sell tea.

Coffee... tea... and the harbor

For those who are not as familiar with this epic tale of bravery, we invite you to read up on "The Boston Tea Party". We are referring to the actual historical event, and not the modern day political party. And because we love history, we dug up a very old schoolbook on the topic. We hope you enjoy the accounts written within it.

As stated in the preface of this book, "No event excites more interest among Americans than the destruction of the tea in Boston Harbor. Then and there the unconquerable resolution of freemen was first made apparent to the obstinate oppressors of our infant country." "In these pages will be found a faithful account of this daring exploit; and, in connection with the other narratives, it is hoped it will kindle in the breasts of young readers an enthusiasm for liberty."

In 1765, Great Britain imposed the Stamp Act which caused a stir in the North American Colonies. In 1773, by enacting the Tea Act, Great Britain granted the East India Trade Company a free pass with duty-free exporting which resulted in a monopoly on the tea trade. What followed was a rendezvous between the “Sons of Liberty”, three ships full of East India Trade Company tea… and the Boston Harbor.

It was also during this poignant time in history that President John Adams (also a relative) wrote to his wife to request that she begin to wean him from tea immediately and that he would begin to drink coffee instead. This prompted an unofficial boycott on tea, and patriotic Americans everywhere soon began drinking coffee and regaling it as a "symbol of the revolution".

Over many generations, our family has cultivated a love for faith, family, and the freedom that we hold dear in this great nation. We honor the brave who have gone before us and who laid the foundation. We recognize the importance of faith and family in our strength as a nation. And we choose to embrace our history - all of it, and to learn from it. For those who turn their heads away from history are only destined to repeat it.

Our family represents generations of men and women who have served our nation. My Grandfather served in WWII in the Army Air Corps, and in the Army during the Korean War. My father served in the Air Force, and my husband in both the Army and in law enforcement.

As a mom, a coffee lover, and a graphic designer, I saw a need for a family friendly brand that would celebrate our great nation’s history and give our families a place where our children could “shop for Dad”... and of course Mom too, and possibly even learn a little something about our history along the way.

We are on a mission to appreciate the warriors who serve or have served our great nation. Understanding what inspired them to stand for freedom is vital in preserving freedom. We hope to inspire the next generation of patriots to love our nation and appreciate those who have gone before us to pave the way.

Thank you for dropping by!