Our Back Story

Greetings, coffee enthusiasts! I'm Lisa Johansen, co-owner of Retro Warrior Coffee along with my husband, and I'm thrilled to share our family's journey with you.

At Retro Warrior, we're not just about coffee; we're about embracing our nation's history, celebrating our communities, and honoring the spirit of freedom that runs deep in our veins.

Coffee... tea... and the harbor

Our tale goes back to the very roots of our great nation, intertwined with the brave actions of our ancestors during the Boston Tea Party. Yes, we admit, there might be a family connection to that legendary event involving a certain harbor and a whole lot of tea making a splash. Sorry, tea lovers, but unless it's a "Boston Harbor Special," we're all about that rich, aromatic coffee experience.

For those unfamiliar with the epic tale of bravery, we encourage you to dive into the pages of history and explore "The Boston Tea Party." No, not the political party – the historical event that showcased the indomitable spirit of freemen standing against oppression. We've even unearthed an ancient schoolbook on the topic, and we're excited to share the accounts it holds.

In 1765, the Stamp Act stirred unrest in the North American Colonies, and by 1773, the Tea Act granted the East India Trade Company a monopoly on tea trade. The "Sons of Liberty" took action, leading to that iconic rendezvous between tea-laden ships and the Boston Harbor. As President John Adams (also a relative of ours) wisely chose coffee over tea, it became a symbol of the revolution, sparking a patriotic switch that resonates with us even today.

Our family, spanning generations, has embraced faith, family, and the cherished freedom we hold dear in this great nation. From ancestors who laid the foundation to relatives who have served our nation in military, law enforcement, and firefighting, we are deeply rooted in a love for our country.

As a mom, a devoted coffee enthusiast, and a graphic designer, I recognized the need for a family-friendly brand that not only celebrates our nation's history but also provides a place where families can shop and learn a little something about our rich heritage. Retro Warrior Coffee was born from this vision – a brand on a mission to appreciate the warriors who serve or have served our great nation. Join us in inspiring the next generation of patriots, fostering love for our nation and deep appreciation for those who paved the way for freedom.

Thank you for stopping by and being a part of our Retro Warrior family!
Grab some of our exceptional coffees, and let's celebrate the stories that make us who we are.