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Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Oak & Spice
Region: Chiapas-Rancho San Francisco

Morning Rush is our special roast for when you need that early morning "get up and go". Our guys there in the Jeep heard someone say, "Coffee!" and they are certainly rushing to get it!

Strictly high grown by 3rd generation farmers, Delmar and Fernando Moreno Guillen, on their family estate high up in the Chiapas mountains. The farm utilizes a significant amount of natural shade trees. While not certified organic, it is naturally grown and processed without chemical fertilizers. The varietals are mostly Typica and Bourbon, but there are a few Caturra trees still producing in some areas of the farm. 

Roasted to order...
Arriving on your doorstep at the PEAK of Flavor!


Morning Rush originally came from a WWII poster which encouraged Americans to "Save Rubber"! We like to think that these ambitious soldiers in the Jeep were on their way to the mess hall tent to get some good ol' Retro Warrior Coffee! 

Our guess is that the Jeep on this label is an M38. Here at Retro Warrior Coffee, we are privileged to own an M38A1 that served in Korea then came back to the US to serve in the South Dakota National Guard. It eventually was purchased as Army Surplus by a citizen local to the Black Hills. In the great flood of 1972 here in the Black Hills of South Dakota it was used to rescue people who were trapped by flood waters due to its ability to drive under five feet of water. If you come to the Black Hills, keep an eye out for our family Jeep! You might find us driving it through the hills!

The Retro Warrior Coffee Jeep in the Badlands of South Dakota


All of our Retro Warrior Coffees truly stand up to just about any application you want to try your hand at when it comes to brewing. Morning Rush is a good go-to for a drip, pour-over, French Press, cold brew, or AeroPress. 

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