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Retro Warrior made its treck to the Black Hills of South Dakota in early 2022!
Originating in the Pacific Northwest among the rugged foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we brought with us our love for coffee. It is truly a deeply valued tradition in the PNW; an area from which so many coffee trends emerge.


When it comes to coffee... we're pretty proud of the fact that our roaster is a biochemist! "Why should that matter?" you may ask. Well... one day, for the love of coffee, he decided to apply his knowledge of chemistry to the craft of roasting coffee. The result... is the beautiful cup of coffee you are soon to be holding in your hand.

Coffee is most definitely a craft. We want to make things easy and are committed to bringing relevant information to you that will hopefully enhance your coffee experience. From brewing tips to finding that perfect recipe for your special cup, we're going to cover it all. We hope you will come along with us on this journey. For the love of coffee...

When it really comes down to it, we firmly believe that PEOPLE are at the heart of what truly makes a coffee experience incredible. Coffee is merely a door... Retro Warrior is really about PEOPLE.

we care about

our coffee growers

We are committed to roasting amazing coffee grown by some of the world's best farmers.

We don't just purchase our green coffee from random growers around the world. We have Direct-Relationships with each of our growers. This allows us to be integrally involved beyond just purchasing coffee from them. Our community impact starts with them! From the ground to the cup, people are at the center of all we do.


At Retro Warrior, we hold a deep respect for our history and for those who have gone before us to secure our freedoms. We don't believe in re-writing history or turning our heads away from things we wish hadn't happened. We believe it is important to remember from where we have come. On each of our coffee labels, you will find a bit of history. We like to have a bit of fun and put a coffee twist on each design. We hope you enjoy each one and possibly learn a little something along the way.

At Retro Warrior, we appreciate all those who serve and have served our country and stand for FREEDOM. If you are one of the brave who serves our nation, we want to offer you a sincere and well deserved "THANK YOU!" We know it comes at a price, and we appreciate you dearly.

Check out our photo of Grandpa with his military issue motorcyle down below!

We care about

Retro Warrior Coffee is on a mission to fuel generosity in our communities. We value organizations who stand for faith, family, and freedom as these are at the core of the fabric of what makes America strong.

This year (2023) we are already hard at work developing out a partnership which will allow our patrons to join in on some good ol' Caffeine-Fueled Generosity! We are looking forward to the community impact! It's time to FUEL UP For Freedom!