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Dark Roast
Mexico & Honduras
Tasting Notes: Smokey, Smooth, Caramel, Dark Chocolate
Region: Chiapas-Rancho San Francisco & Honduras Montecillos

Coffee Can Fix It... because it really truly can fix EVERYTHING!!! Well... here at Retro Warrior we like to think so!

Coffee Can Fix is one of our favorites. If you're looking for a smooth cup of coffee, this is it! This specialty roast has been crafted from the same beans we use for our Pour It On Espresso Roast. We just decided to take it a step further and bring out that "roasted" flavor a bit more. Smooooooth is where it's at for this coffee! If you like the flavor of dark coffee, then Coffee Can Fix It is for you! Truly a favorite!

Our Coffee Can Fix It blend is created using two different origins of beans. We use our Mexican Chiapas Rancho San Francisco and our Honduras Montecillos. Both our Mexican and Honduras beans are a Direct-Relationship offering. This means we can assure you that your purchase is impacting and bettering the lives of many people in each of the villages these coffees originated.

Roasted to order...
Arriving on your doorstep at the PEAK of Flavor!


Coffee Can Fix It is one of our favorite designs around here at Retro Warrior. This adaptation was taken from an original WWII poster which stated "Fighting Men Need Nurses". During WWII there was a critical shortage of nurses. There were many campaigns launched to address this issue. Read more about the history of nursing during this time period in the US Army here: The Army Nurse Corps


Coffee Can Fix It is truly adaptable. We have found it to work well as a drip coffee and also as an espresso. We also love it as a cold brew or French Press! We offer a course ground option which can be used for either cold brew or French Press; and recommend Alto Cold Brew filters

Shipping on coffee is free when you buy two or more bags!

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