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Dark Roast
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel & Molasses
Region: Desa Kerawat, Red Badger

The Fuel of Victory... truly became the "fuel" of victory during WWII. Head on over to the story tab to see more about the story behind the label on this tasty dark roast.

Coming from Northern Sumatra, this coffee is acclaimed for it's complex cup character that results largely from the process known as wet hulling. When combined with a darker roasted profile you enhance some of the rich dark chocolate, caramel and molasses notes. Because we have direct contact with the growers through our importer, we are assured they receive a fair wage and ongoing agricultural education.

Roasted to order...
Arriving on your doorstep at the PEAK of Flavor!


The Fuel of Victory came about when we discovered this historic WWII poster showing the Fruits of Victory. In true Retro Warrior fashion, we decided to do some digging. Instead of the canning jar that she originally held in her hand with fruits and vegetables sprawled out before her we decided it was appropriate to give her coffee! One particular item of interest is the can of George Washington Instant Coffee we placed in her hand. Although our coffee is not "instant coffee", we enjoyed the bit of history this can of coffee provided. We learned that a gentleman by the name of George Washington (not the president) formulated a way to make instant coffee. This coffee was distributed to American soldiers who were very happy to have the ability to make coffee while fighting for victory. So in essence... we like to believe that coffee was indeed the Fuel of Victory.  


We are busy pulling more information together that will make your brewing experience all the better! Check back here soon as we are constantly improving the information on our site and will be adding brewing recommendations here shortly! 

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Freshly Roasted Retro Warrior Coffee



Retro warrior Coffee is freshly roasted to order. It arrives on your doorstep at the peak of flavor!

Coffee does expire. This is why we offer subscriptions so you will never be without FRESHLY ROASTED coffee!

We believe in transparency and that your coffee should always have a "Roasted On" Date stamped on it.

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